Entretien Andrea Bicego - 4TH DIMENSION (Mars 2010)

It's the first interview of the new LoudNDeep version, the first interview of the singer Andrea Bicego and the first of this year for me ! I've introduced 4TH DIMENSION, a Symphonic (or Power if you prefer) Italian Metal band : first listening has been the right ! So, I've decided to realize an interview to help this guys, and to learn more about them.

Firstly, congratulations for your music and perseverance even if you're unknown ! Could we hope a real great album of 4TH DIMENSION in 2010 ? What are your influences for this first one ?

Andrea : Hi Axel, first of all thanks to you for this opportunity. Yes we're still unknown to the majority of people but we're working hard to make some good music, you may count on it !
Some people who were at Wacken Open Air 2009 may have listened to our first single The Sun In My Life, since it was in the tracklist of a compilation called Invasione Totale Vol 3., promoted by italian no profit association GRANDUCATO DI METALLO and distribuited for free in 20.000 copies last summer in italy and germany.
The good feedback that song received was the fuel that started the great fire, so to say! We decided to try and write some other song and now we're here. In one year we wrote ten songs and know we're nearly ready to record our first album, which will contain ten full songs. Its working title is The White Path Of Rebirth and, in a way, it's a sort of concept album, even if there is not a proper story that links the songs. It's more an idea that goes through the majority of them.
We are really satisfied of the songs, but it's up to the people to judge if it's good MUSIC or not. We're pretty sure about one thing, though : it's not the usual power metal album, the songs feature different styles and the stylistic range is quite wide. We do not base the songs on technique or a precise style, but on the feelings each song has to give to the listener. In this sense, the album is emotional in every sense.

Since we started playing together we had a good deal of influences: we're all estimators of symphonic power metal bands like STRATOVARIUS and SONATA ARTICA but also of bands like KAMELOT, EUROPE, NIGHTWISH, FREEDOM CALL, HELLOWEEN and GAMMA RAY, and italian bands like VISION DIVINE, LABYRINTH, SECRET SPHERE and RHAPSODY OF FIRE. In truth there is a great deal more of influence coming from extreme metal but also outside metal, from folk and classical music to even more different genres...

About the album of 2010, have you any idea of label ?

Andrea : At the moment we're focused on the preproduction of the album. We're lucky enough to have the chance to work with a producer and there is still work to do before we can think about commercial matters. Anyway, the album will be released by a label, that's for sure. At the moment I cannot still unveil the name of the producer and other details though... but i can tell you that there is the possibility of a nice guest on the album.

After this first release, will be there a "future" for 4TH DIMENSION ?

Andrea : It depends on what you mean by "future": it's difficult for a band to break the ice and become famous in the metal scene. 1 out of 1000 bands manage to emerge. So this is not our goal. We'd like to! But our goal is to spread our music and receive feedback. Anyway, yes, there will be a sequel to the first album. We're already thinking about the second one, and there is some material "in the closet" that is waiting to be developed in the future already. What I can say is that it's not going not be a copy of the first one so we're going to take all the time we need to write some interesting stuff. Talete (keyboard player) and myself, we're the songwriters and we have plans for the band, no matter if we're going to be an unknown underground band or what.

What do you feel, think about Italian Metal scene ? Is there a future for this kind of music in your country ?

Andrea : In Italy mass media completely ignore metal. But metal is not just a matter of fashion. It's a matter of heart and so the scene is alive and well ! Maybe power metal is not the most widespread metal genre here though. Anyway the future is what the present is. Lots of good band working hard and fighting against problems of everykind. It's difficult to play live shows, unless you sell yourself for free of course... and that's only the tip of the iceberg ...

Finally, have you something to say to french Metal fans ?

Andrea : Of course ! Listen to the samples of our songs in our page Myspace.com/4thdimensionmetal ! It's just live songs and a early rough mix studio version of The Sun In My Life but it may give you an idea of what to expect from our first album! Join us also on Facebook, looking for "4th Dimension Official" to be informed about the band's latest news! But apart from that, never give up your faith and strive for the good and to realise your goals ! And support the young bands that try to produce good music !!!! I know some french bands which are very good : HEAVENLY, ALKEMIST and also AUSPEX. I've been in touch with members of AUSPEX for a time and we still plan to play some gig together in the future, both here in Italy and in France. It would be great !!! We'll see in the future...
Stay true to yourselves guys ! And welcome to the 4th dimension !!!!
Entretien réalisé en Mars 2010