Entretien Mark Sweeney - WOLFPAKK (Juillet 2011)

I was disappointed to notice the lack of informations about a new and interesting « All Star Project » led by Mark Sweeney and Michael Voss. So, in July 2011, I decided to interview Mark Sweeney about WOKFPAKK. Do you need answers to this new and exciting project ? Mark gives you more informations !

As I - and readers too – know just a little bit of WOLFPAKK, I would like to ask you to introduce shortly your project please. In what consists WOLFPAKK ?

MS : Well, after my second solo album which I produced with Michael Voss in his Kidroom-Music Studios, some reviewers were disappointed about the roughness or let’s say the heaviness of this solo album. They expected “more” from the duo Sweeney/Voss. To tell the truth, it was my aim to be softer on my solo works, I wanted to show my vocal range means, also to sing ballads or softer stuff.
I realized, that almost nobody is interested in this :) ! It’s nice for a musician to be varied, but the fans wanna have AC/DC, Metallica or Iron Maiden when they buy the record, nothing else!
So once when Michael was in my hometown in Switzerland, I asked him to do just this, what the fans wanna hear from us! I mean, they expected Hardrock/Metal... so we gonna give them Hardrock and Metal! Fuck the experiments!
Actually we had no band, so we decided to ask as many high class musicians as possible to play on this record. It worked! Over 30 guest “wolves” joined Wolfpakk and sublimated this masterpeace!

I've read you was proud to start working in duet with Michael Voss. How and when have you had the idea to collaborate together ?

MS : It’s been a long time ago. I guess for our 2nd Crystal Ball album I asked Michael to sing the backing vocals together with Michael Bormann. He did it and from then, we were in contact. Either we saw us on a festival or with other activities. He is a great musician and I loved Casanova’s first output ! That’s because I’m so proud to work with Michael !

How will this first album sound ?

MS : It’s a good mix between Hardrock and Melodic Metal. My goal was, to give the fans what they expect of us ! I’m sure, they will like it !

How is organized the WOLFPAKK's team to work on the opus ? I mean, there're the nucleus - which is composed of you and Michael Voss - and the guests. How do you proceed for the songwriting, recording, etc. ?

MS : It was just easy. I went to Michael and both of us presented each others ideas. So every song then was made in teamwork. We knew exactely, what the other wanted and it flowed like water. The guest just participated on that, what we already recorded in advance.

How did you get the deal with AFM Records ? Was it due to your past in CRYSTAL BALL, which was also a band from AFM Records ?

MS : Yes, I knew the guys from AFM because of Crystal Ball. I guess together with Nuclear Blast, AFM is the best choice for a record company in Europe. They are pretty big in business and they do a great job !

You’ve decided to release a videoclip called Reptile’s Kiss. Was it hard to choose one song out of eleven to promote the entire album ?

MS : No ! You know why ? It was the only song where Michael and me are singing without other guests ! And it was just impossible to bring all the other stars together for a video shoot. So we took Reptile’s Kiss. Maybe it’s not the strongest song on this record, but for the video and theme, it fits perfectly !

Could you describe Reptile's Kiss (videoclip and song) ? What does it deal with, please ? I mean, is it a love story for example ?

MS : No love story ! It’s a pervert story, ha,ha… the female leading character of this song is too seductively… You’ll see it !

Has WOLFPAKK planned some gigs in a near future ?

MS : Well, it really depends if the fans like it or not. But it’s not easy for a project with this many people to go out on stage. But with the help of you and the fans… nothing is impossible.

And, could we hope other WOLFPAKK chapters in a near future? And if it would be the case, then does it mean that you will be less involve in your solo career in favor of this project ?

MS : Difficult question. I hope for a second album. And I don’t know, if I join for an other solo album. People expect more power from me and the solo albums were a bit too soft for them.

I would like to thank you for the interview. As usual, to conclude, would you like to tell something I've missed to ask you ?

MS : Well, I thank you ! We need every support now to get more established ! Also for the fans out there, we have a very nice booklet, where all the stars are specified – every line, every part, every shout !
Greets to all.
Entretien réalisé en Juillet 2011