Entretien Pierpaolo Monti- SHINING LINE (Mai 2010)

It's fantastic : you're searching some new artists (or bands) to release HardLoudNDeep's interview and looking in RockReport board (a great rock place !), you meet Mister Pierpaolo MONTI alias "Zorro". Due to my Metal Integral review, I've decided to interview him about his SHINING LINE All Star Project.

Could you explain the reasons why you've decided to make an "All Star Project" ?

Zorro : The SHINING LINE adventure started about four years ago, after a split from my first founded band called SOWERSIVO due to different point of views on the artistic side. One of those days I met casually Amos coming home in our hometown, and talking together we thought about a chance to build up a new melodic rock band.

We tried some different local singers, but we weren’t satisfied of what heard from them. At that point I had the idea to start to work on a mighty all star project, a dream I always had in my mind. The thought of have my own songs performed by my idols was living in my heart from a long time.

Is it difficult or easy to find artists and label for an All Star Project ?

Zorro : I think that is more difficult to find artists than labels for this kind of proposal. For a label an all star project is, all in all, a more safe way to have the right visibility on the market if compared to releases of new artists, because known names caught immediately the attention of many fans when the release is announced.

Find artists is not always simple instead, ‘cause a lot of them are not addicted to be part of projects like this and want to concentrate themselves only on their main bands. There is doubt, anyway, that proposing good material treated professionally in all the steps (as for example songwriting, recording, mix and production) is surely the best way to convince an artist to be part of your project.

As I've asked you in RockReport, what do you think of this new way called "All Star Project" ?

Zorro : I think that are very good ways to unite together the qualities of many whom could create something special together. Talking for example about my personal experience with SHINING LINE, I've seen many of the guests involved add their personal trademarks to the songs where they've been involved, putting some little (but great !) variations to the songs I conceived in my mind: I think this is a great way to offer to fans some of the high quality music they're searching for when they invest their money !

Also, I would like to add, if there is the right chemistry born by the founders of the project and the artists themselves, you can see them put their best in the songs where they’re called in, being authors of performances that sometimes you couldn’t listen neither in their personal releases!

Is there a future for SHINING LINE ? Could we hope a second one in a few years?

Zorro : This is good question. Sincerely I can reply to this by now, ‘cause for SHINING LINE we invested a lot of money and we need to take back at last part of this sum, because we are surely not rich but ordinary people like many others.

If you ask to me personally, I really hope in my heart that we’ll have at last another chance for a release with SHINING LINE, because I have already eight/nine new songs ready and I’d hate to leave them to take dust on the shelf ! Ahaah !!!

In general, what do you feel about AOR bands increasing this last years, and more precisely in area like South America?

Zorro : You’re touching an interesting question, which I was talking about with some huge AOR fans some weeks ago. Watching to the actual market you can see a lot of new promising acts coming from South America (AURAS and N.O.W., just to name a few !), and I hope this could represent a new era for AOR and Melodic Hard-Rock music starting directly from those lands. It would be great if a movement born in a specific zone of the world could represent the first wave of a huge come-back of the golden era of this genre… don’t you think it ?

To conclude, have you something to say to Melodic Rock-AOR fans in the world ?

Zorro : I just send to all of them my greetings from Italy, starting from the point that I’m first of all a big fan of this music ! I leave every month a big amount of money in my favorite record shop in Milan, supporting both the releases from the new comers of the genre and classical album of the past.

I hope that SHININH LINE's songs could give to all the fans the same emotions I felt personally in created them … this would represent for me the real goal of my beloved project !!! Rock on guys, and keep always the melodic rock flame alive !!!
Entretien réalisé en Mai 2010