Entretien Andreas Carlsson - DENIED (Mars 2013)

I'm too late, I'm ashamed! I beg your pardon because this interview was at first an interview from February but, due to busy situations, Andreas and myself haven't got the time to bring you some questions and answers about newest DENIED's release: "Let Them Burn"!!! But as we say, it's better too late than never! Again, it’s time to ask questions to Andreas Carlsson!

Finally, DENIED has got a deal with a label company ! A great achievement, isn’t it ? Ready to spread the disease ?

AC: Yeah It feels great to have found a record company that believes and appreciates our music. The band has never sounded this good and with this album we are ready to kick some ass!

To wait your future release « Let Them Burn », you’ve launched the digital EP « Judas Kiss ». This three-track EP, is available in download on Amazon and iTunes but also in free and legal streaming on SoundCloud. Do you think this is the right way to promote your work ? I mean to be fair with listeners, giving them the opportunity to hear your music before to get the decision to buy it (or not).

AC: The fact is that it was our record company´s idea to do this and since they´ve done this before, we trust them completely. For me personally I just want our fans to hear music as soon as possible either way.

Could we hope a videoclip for « Let Them Burn » ? And if « yes », what song will you choose, please ?

AC: We will at least record one video from the album, hopefully two. If all goes as planned we start shooting in the beginning of April but until then which song will remain a secret.

Further, could we hope a small (or big !) « Let Them Burn » tour ? Or some summer dates in Europe festivals ?

AC: We are looking over our possibilities to come out and play but so far we have two festivals booked in Sweden.

For opus « Let Them Burn », you’ve used some old demos/songs. Why ?

AC: We reconned that those songs were to good to leave behind from our demo-recordings. When we recorded them we made them even better with arrangement and tonechanges. I am very happy with the result.

You told me, in private, that you’re currently working on new materials. Does that mean that a successor to « Let Them Burn » is close to be released ?

AC: It will take a while until the follow-up is done but I can say that we are in a good spot time wise. There wont be any major changes in sound or style but we will simply do a new "Let Them Burn" but better! The songs that are taking shape in our workshop rock like hell and I am very excited where it will take us.

What are your influences, please ?

AC: I grew up with 80´s heavy metal but I also like the sound of the 90s and 2000´s. Above all I like music with strong melodies and rythm. Music should be played with feeling so to name just one band or person is difficult. But okay, I´ll give you one name: Rolf Kasparek from RUNNING WILD. Not for the last albums but for the first few that will stand the test of time!

If you’ve to quote your five favorite albums, what would you like to choose ?

RUNNING WILD - Death Or Glory
ICED EARTH - Something Wicked This Way Comes
SANCTUARY - Refuge Denied
KRUX – Krux I + Krux II
TESTAMENT - The Ritual

When did you get an interest for music ?

AC: About the age of six I discovered 50´s and 60´s Rock N´Roll from there I went on to what would become my greatest passion: Heavy Metal!

Just a game from one my friends. For all those words, tell me what comes firstly (and shortly) to your mind :

-DENIED : My baby and 100% Heavy Metal!
-PETER « DOLLS » OLSSON : The worlds most crazy drummer with a heart of gold.
-SWEDEN : Homeland but with a future that doesn´t look that bright.
-METAL : Forever !
-MR.BLINDMAN : Ewen of France !

Something else to add ?

AC: If you like heavy metal with strong melodies and world class singing then you should definitely check us out! DENIED from Stockholm Sweden rocks hard!!