CRY WOLF - From 80's to nowadays ! [P'TIT COUP D'OEIL DANS LE RETRO #1]

Some bands became famous, some stayed unknown forever ... Let me tell you the story of CRY WOLF, let me explain you how good was CRY WOLF. Once upon a time ...

- First Shot -

Come from San Francisco, CRY WOLF started under the name of HEROES in the early 80’s. HEROES was composed of Tim Hall, Steve McKnight, Phil Deckard, John Freixas and J.C. Crampton.

- Golden Era -

In 1986, when HEROES was on the top in Los Angeles area, keyboard player J.C. Crampton decided to leave the band. Due to this event, members chose to change bandname. A competition was organized by BAM magazine, to find a new name for HEROES. The price of competition was a ticket for a MOTLEY CRUE’s concert. Finally, CRY WOLF was born.

In same time, CRY WOLF recorded a demo which became famous in Hard-Rock aficionados area. Due to the talented demo, Epic-Sony Records offered them the opportunity to release a first official full-length opus. It was the self-titled album which included cover of I Am The Walrus from THE BEATLES.

One year later, thanks to success in Japan, Crunch was recorded. It was composed of many songs from Cry Wolf, with some exceptions. However, the Crunch production work was better, thanks to well-known producer David Devore (FOREIGNER, Joe Baressi, etc.). To support Crunch, were organized a tour, for example, in first parts of KINGS-X, SAVATAGE, SAIGON KICK, JUDAS PRIEST, ...

- Trip in Hell! -

During their tour, more precisely in Houston, all of their musical materials were stolen. Further more, their drummer, Paul Cancilla, decided to leave CRY WOLF. Finally, was chosen John Link from MURDER BAY, to replace him.

And the unlucky situation grew due to birth of a new kind of music, I mean Grunge. At this moment, the band felt how it was difficult to promote Hard-Rock. They felt how it was hard to break a deal with a record company: the band was in deal with Grand Slamm Records, but they finally put an end to the deal.

Slowly, CRY WOLF turned into another band: SHED. The fact was that SHED was less talented than his old brother CRY WOLF ... In conclusion, the band split-up.

- Parallel project, solo career –

What happened to all members, after CRY WOLF’s adventures ?
-Tim Hall, helped by Phil Deckard, launched his own solo career. He released three unknown efforts: Crevices (1994), Imperfection (1997) and Tumble (2001). He also launched a new Blues-Rock band called FAST OTTO.
-Steve McKnight joined new project DEATHRIDERS, led by Neil Turbin (ex-ANTHRAX).
-John Link created independent record company Sonic Legacy Records.

With those different professional orientations, aficionados couldn’t hope a next CRY WOLF chapter ...

- Incredible come back! -

Years later, in August 2007, CRY WOLF came back: fifteen years of silence, fifteen years before a reunion. To celebrate it, the band released a digital three track EP simply called “Reunion Show”. It was produced by John Link - who was also involved in the reunion as official drummer – and composed/performed by Tim Hall, Steve McKnight and Phil Deckard.

And again, two years of silence before a new come back ! Excepted John Link replaced by Chris Moore, all CRY WOLF members are ready to rock again … and this time with a new album !!!