Entretien Andreas Carlsson - DENIED (Juin 2011)

In 2009, they released the EP Chapter III, with their new line-up composed of singer Johan Falhberg from JADED HEART, founder and guitar player Andreas Carlsson, bass player Robert Stellmar and drummer Pete Dolls. In the end of the year, Chris Vowden completed the line-up as second (lead) guitar player.
In May 2011, DENIED announced two new songs, In Hell and Garden of Stone, in downloading on their website. I was really impressed by the heavy In Hell and more by the slow-powerful Garden of Stone. As you know, it’s hard for me to wait a new release like this one, without any news ! It’s time to ask questions to Andreas Carlsson !

Andreas, could you tell me more about DENIED upcoming release ? When will it be ready ? We’ve just listened the heavy In Hell and the slow-powerful Garden of Stone, and I would like to know if the other songs will sound in the same way.

AC : Our ambition is to have the album ready by 2011 but I dare not give you a final date. With all probability it should be released by fall. Everytime we have given people a certain releasedate we’ve never lived up to our promises. We are doing everything we can to speed things up as much as possible. All songs aren’t finished yet ( 10 in all ) and we will be enormously selfcritical to make the best music we possibly can. As of now we have finished 7 songs and It’s going to be a perfect mix of what Denied 2011 stands for! For instance stronger melodies, better chorus parts, faster stuff and slower stuff as well. In hell and Garden of stone are typical examples of what this album will sound like and not to forget the mix will be done by Fredrik Folkare from Unleashed which will guarantee a strong and heavy production. Usually we do this ourselves but now we thought It was time to bring in a pro!

Have you got a deal with a records company for this new opus ?

AC : So far we are on our own and will be putting all attention and focus on our next album. When that is done we will begin to look for a recordlabel that can give us the support and faith that we have in ourselves of course. I am entirely convinced that we will find someone who will find our music interesting enough to ink a deal. It’s not easy but I think our quality speaks for itself.

Have you planned some gigs in Sweden and in other countries to promote your new album ?

AC : It depends on how much support we can get and if we make some kind of deal with a good company. We certainly don’t sit on our butts and wait for the gigs to come to us, we always need them to promote ourselves and our music! We do have a festival booked in September and a few other gigs in Stockholm for sure.

Many things changed in the band, since 2009 : could you tell me how you’ve met Johan Fahlberg and Chris Vowden ? And when have you decided to include this two guys in your band ?

AC : In October 2008 we had just finished our second album and were about to have a big releaseparty in our hometown when we suddenly were without a singer just a week before the gig. Pete Dolls our drummer came up with the idea to call his childhood friend Johan Fahlberg from Germany’s Jaded heart to hear if he could help us out of our crisis. Luckily for us, he was available and helped make that evening a success in front of a crowd of 700 fans in all! Johan got a taste for our music and with his amazing voice and personality has become an important part of Denied. When it comes to Chris there was a vacant spot for a second guitarist in the band. An ad was put in the biggest music website in Sweden and Chris was the first to answer it. We wanted someone who could play with both feel and attitude and at the same time have metalmusic in his blood. I can promise you he filled his part of the bargain exceptionally, we could not have found a nicer or better guy anywhere else.

What is(are) DENIED’s goal(s) or hope(s) with the new line-up from 2009 ?

AC : First of all, we are stronger and better than before and if we get a chance to play with the big boys we will kick some serious ass. We won’t fool anyone. On the contrary, we have one of the best singers in the business, strong material and a professional attitude towards everything we do. With this line-up we are ready to take Denied to the next level! If we make it there? Well, that’s written in the stars so far…

To conclude, have you something to say that I’ve missed to ask you ?

AC : If you love heavy metal with strong melodies, heavy riffing and a singer to die for you absolutely should check out Denied from Stockholm/Sweden! Last but not least….Metal forever!
Entretien réalisé en Juin 2011